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About Cinga Leadership

In Xhosa, The Word Cinga Means Think.

At Cinga Leadership, we pride ourselves on being thought leaders who connect the dots on performance initiatives in practical and strategic ways. We’ll partner with you to develop a vision, stick by your side during execution and ensure you feel supported, clear and empowered every step of the way.


Thoughts, Beliefs and Principles Guiding our Work:

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You don’t get the culture your want; you get the culture you deserve

If you are not actively working your culture, it is probably one you don’t like.  Instead of enabling your strategy, it is working against you.


We help individuals, teams and companies deliberately create and sustain positive performance cultures.

“Talent” is everyone in the organization, not just the high potentials

It takes all kinds of people to fill all kinds of roles. Too often in this profession, people are put into boxes. 

Don’t underestimate the potential of your people to learn and grow.

Simple, clear strategies can make a big difference

Performance improvement projects often fail because they’re overcomplicated. 


We prefer fit-for-purpose tools that accelerate change and deliver breakthrough results.

People thrive in development-oriented environments

We believe people programs should be underpinned by what Carol Dweck calls a growth vs. a fixed mindset.

It’s not “I can’t” – it’s “I can’t yet.” It’s not “I don’t know how” – it’s “I don’t know how yet.” 


Ready to give your company an unbeatable competitive advantage?


Our Commitments

Guiding you along the complicated growth path, providing tools and information you need to ensure your people and organization don't just survive, but thrive!

Peace of mind

"We have the right people programs in place."

Increased productivity

"We are able to focus on results and performance."

Improved engagement

Practical & measurable people programs in place that support your strategy

Easy access to experts who provide quick and thorough answers so you can focus on building your success.

how we work

How We Work

Let’s "change how we do things around here"

If you're experiencing “people problems” - the actual people in your organization are (probably) not the problem. 


The issues often lie in systems that don't work, lack of leadership skills, a culture that breeds distrust, and/or training that doesn't work or isn't sustainable.

These problems are often difficult for you and your existing team to solve on your own due to:

Lack of perspective

(hard to see the big picture when you're stuck inside the frame)

Lack of resources

(it's hard to develop good quality people programs or training without proper planning, development, coordination & communication)

Lack of specific expertise or experience

(leaders feeling in over their heads)

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This is where we come in.

Together, we can build a culture where people are empowered and productive; enabling your leaders and teams to contribute positively to your reputation in the market, your profitability and your speed of execution.

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