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Our Clients

We work with forward-thinking leaders who want to reduce friction and fully engage and empower their teams

Even small amounts of stress, lack of trust, poor communication or ineffective leadership can slow things down or cause good people to leave.

In the worst cases, your investment in your talent is effectively working against you: alienating your clients and sabotaging your projects. 

The cost of people-related problems can be staggering.



in staff hours lost due to unresolved workplace conflict according to a recent study.



in costs due to poor communication – a loss of productivity totalling around $26,000 per worker per year. Holmes Report (2011)


lost productivity – along with lower customer satisfaction and higher employee turnover due to poor leadership. Blanchard Companies.

We work with companies and organizations that are experiencing any of the following issues:

  • Current or upcoming leaders not equipped to lead teams effectively 

  • Attrition, losing good people, revolving door of employees 

  • Stressed, unhappy, unengaged or apathetic workforce 

  • Departments that don’t get along – creating silos or forming shadow functions because they don't trust or know what the other arm is doing    

  • Training not sticking, canned programs perceived as flavour of the month that no one remembers, or internal training delivered in a rush off the side of someone’s desk or put on hold due to lack of resources

  • Poor productivity, lack of communication, conflict


Ready to give your company an unbeatable competitive advantage?

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