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Organizational Development Consulting


How do you develop a inclusive, high-performing culture? Where do you start? What needs to happen? What’s getting in the way?

Organizational Development & Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Consulting

When you create alignment between your company's strategy, goals, and individual performance, you empower every employee to take your organizations performance to the next level. Work with us to develop practical fit-for-purpose people programs and processes that enable the growth of your organization.

A problem well-stated is a problem half-solved. ~ Charles Kettering

Consulting Solutions We Offer:

  • Organizational assessments - team, organizational structure and culture

  • Team alignment workshops

  • Diversity, equity and inclusion assessments and strategies

  • Unconscious Bias and Anti-Racism workshops

To discuss your specific situation to see if I can help, contact me for a free consultation.

Over the course of the four years of our working relationship I called upon Kathy to help with a diverse number of projects, from modernizing a learning assets system to developing an executive DEI strategy. Kathy quickly became a trusted advisor and demonstrated strong skills in building relationships and using her influencing skills to help teams work through obstacles to reach the agreed-upon end state. Kathy provided honest assessments of each situation and provided tangible, practical solutions to address areas of concern. She brought a strategic perspective to the projects and did not shy away from respectfully challenging the status quo. Her attention to detail, responsiveness and generosity in sharing her time and expertise were instrumental in closing each assigned project successfully.


  Our consulting projects follow this 4-step process:  

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We begin all engagements by establishing a clear understanding of your business so that we can tailor our solutions to meet your unique needs.

This stage typically includes kickoff and planning meetings with you, interviews with key members of your team if needed and a review of key organizational documents.

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In this phase we analyze the gap between where you are now and where you want to go. We consider both the current state (organization, team, leader effectiveness, HR, etc.) and desired future state. 

This stage typically includes more detailed interviews - focused on determining how things are now, what “good” looks like and what the success criteria are - as well as learning needs assessment, gap analysis, and audit of current processes. 

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Recommendations & Action Plan

Based on our analysis, we provide recommendations and a roadmap for moving forward. 

We determine the implementation approach, considering both long-term and short-term priorities. Then we create an action plan with clear implementation steps and success measures.

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Implementation & Sustainment

In this final stage, we execute the plan and deliver quick wins as we monitor progress.

We also provide launch support as required and can provide ongoing consulting services on a retainer basis depending on tactics and initiatives. 


Ready to give your company an unbeatable competitive advantage?

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