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Building positive workplaces

A talent-first organization gives you an unbeatable competitive advantage: your people. 

Retain & grow the best people

Create an environment where people want to work for you, they are challenged to be their best and they stick around to contribute long term

Optimize & empower your team

Build a performance culture where departments communicate and work well together and you get the most from your investment in employees.

Increase speed & productivity

Get the right people in the right roles, help you work at the right level, get your teams aligned – and watch how execution accelerates!

Ready to give your company an unbeatable competitive advantage?

Our Services

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Performance coaching for leaders, teams, and professionals who want to accelerate development progress and achieve their business and personal goals.


Organizational development consulting and part-HR leadership. Assessment of people programs, team dynamics, and leader effectiveness to pinpoint issues and provide practical recommendations to that improve your culture.

Leadership Development & Training

Customized leadership and training programs that shift mindsets, build practical skills, and accelerate the development of talent.

About Cinga

Cinga is a Canadian-Based consulting firm offering leader development, coaching, organizational development and strategic HR services. 


Our team approaches every project with creativity and enthusiasm. We will partner with you to develop a vision, stick by your side during execution and ensure you feel supported, clear and empowered every step of the way.

Kathy Andrews

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Kathy is an accomplished human resource leader, faciliator and OD consultant with close to 20 years of experience in developing people, solutions for small, medium and large organizations. She has a proven track record in building fit-for-purpose talent programs for organizations at all stages of maturity. She is known for her abilities to think strategically, swiftly diagnose complex problems, and develop pragmatic solutions that get results.

I am so appreciative to have had the chance to work with Kathy. Her insights, passion and commitment transformed our leadership program into a truly world class training experience. I found working with Kathy a true pleasure.  She quickly understood our vision and immediately added value. Kathy is easy to work with, a talented team player, and profoundly committed to her work and her clients.  With Kathy’s astute guidance, we were able to develop a training program which achieved our goals and better supporting the learning of our participants.


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