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Developing Future Leaders: Whose Responsibility is It?

In addition to what we typically think of as required leadership skills, the next generation of leaders must be visionary coalition-builders; internationally astute; quick learners and fast implementers; highly creative; comfortable with change, volatility, and ambiguity; have an intimate knowledge of the changing customer needs; have the agility to revamp operations instantly; and must produce rapid results in all areas.

The breadth of these competencies indicates that every forward-looking organization should be asking itself:

"What are we doing to prepare our next generation of leaders? Is our pipeline filled with sufficient talent to carry out our organization's strategy and to inspire the workforce? Who is at the helm of developing our new leaders?"

How are our key leaders involved? Is leadership development at the top of all of our leaders' action lists? And exactly what are these actions?"

Read on: Developing Future Leaders: Whose Responsibility is It Anyway?

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