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Building Ethical AI for Talent Management

Artificial intelligence has disrupted every area of our lives.

From the curated shopping experiences we’ve come to expect from companies like Amazon and Alibaba to the personalized recommendations that channels like YouTube and Netflix use to market their latest content.

But, when it comes to the workplace, in many ways, AI is still in its infancy.

This is particularly true when we consider the ways it is beginning to change talent management. To use a familiar analogy: AI at work is in the dial-up mode. The 5G WiFi phase has yet to arrive, but we have no doubt that it will.

Realistically, we have a greater ability to ensure both accuracy and fairness in AI systems than we do over recruiters and hiring managers. To do this, organizations using AI for talent management, at any stage, should start by taking the following steps.

Read on... Building Ethical AI for Talent Management

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