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10 Grit Tips for Self, HR, and Business Leaders

Question: What is an underlying theme of all these popular ideas?

Learning. Resilience. Agility. Hardiness. Conscientiousness. Tenacity. Perseverance. Persistence. Ambition. Need for achievement. Drive. Growth mindset.

Answer: Grit or gritty-ness. (a passion for persisting to reach long term goals)

Psychologists have found that grit is a better predictor of long-term personal, educational, and leadership success than intellect (IQ), emotion (EQ), or sociability (SQ).

So how do we improve gritty-ness for ourselves and for our organizations?

Drawing on outstanding work by Angela Duckworth, Martin Seligman, Dave Jennings, and other colleagues, and relying on personal experiences with grit, here are ten activities that may help you personally enhance grit.

Check it out: 10 Grit Tips for Self, HR, and Business Leaders

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