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Stuck in a Thought Loop? Here’s How to Stop Obsessing and Act on your Decisions

Our brains never stop working—even when we’re sleeping or enjoying some downtime. They’re constantly solving problems and churning through possibilities. But eventually, it’s time to stop thinking and take real action.

Whether you’re considering a challenge, an opportunity, a new project, or a nagging problem, overthinking and overdiscussing can slow down your workflow and derail innovation.

Overthinking often takes different forms.

Sometimes, we obsess about every detail before taking the plunge. Other times, we repeat a negative mental loop that amplifies emotions like fear and anxiety. In this case, research shows that a distracted mind not only stalls progress but can also make you unhappy.

Why do we think so much and fail to act? Read this: Stuck in a thought loop? Here’s how to stop obsessing and act on your decisions

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